French Food at A La Campagne

We fell upon this restaurant after a series of unforeseeable events. After the rather nice burger meal we had at Rainbow Kitchen the day before, J thought that it would be nice for us to get more sushi from Midori. He had found some information about Midori having a shop near to Ikebukuro and thought that it would be great for us to cycle over there. Once there, we found out that the sushi restaurant we expected was in fact a standing type sushi place. We wanted to enjoy our meal sitting down so we went to our bicycles disappointed over the fact that we weren’t able to get some nice quality sushi at Midori.

We passed this cafe as we were going to our bicycles and J went on to say that he has eaten at the place and found it to be nice. Instead of having sushi, we ended up going to A La Campagne, a place that serves french food.


J said that he had tried the swordfish before and that it was pretty good. Upon looking at the menu however, we ended up getting a three cheese pizza and a grilled fish to share.


Once they have taken our order, plates and cutleries were set.


Grilled fish which was pretty good. I liked how the mint and the tomatoes is goes well with the fish. The skin was rather crispy too.



The three cheese pizza that I thought was rather divine. There was even blue cheese on it!

After the savory meal, we thought about having desserts and went to look the dessert display that they have over the cafe. It was a hard choice for the both of us because everything looked pretty good.

DSC_0975 20140616_164520

I chose a berry tart mostly because the berries and cream on it were just calling my name! I loved the cream used on the tarts and how the berries combination goes with the tart and the cream. It wasn’t that sweet either and it was a nice dessert to have after our meal.

DSC_0974 20140616_164528

J chose the clafoutis because it is one of his favourite type. He hasn’t had one in a while so he chose that. It was my first time trying a clafoutis and I have to say that it really was delicious. It has a rather firm texture but it kinds of melt in your mouth. It was not that sweet too.

Second set of birthday cakes for 2014! The tart was pretty good and J was saying how he missed the clafoutis he had back in France. We spent roughly around 4,000 yen in total for our meal here.

All in all, it was a pretty good meal and we were able to cycle back from Ikebukuro to Nippori with a full stomach. On the way back, we stopped over on one of the Tokyu Hands and I ended up getting two penguin stickers and due to him charming the Japanese lady, I ended up getting a free sticker (the perks of having a partner who can speak Japanese😁).

Name: A La Campagne (アラカンパーニュ 池袋店)
Address: Japan 〒171-0021 Tokyo, Toshima, Nishiikebukuro, 3−28−13 Marui City Ikebukuro マルイシティ池袋1F


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