Ueno Exploring

I always will remember Ueno as the place where we would either go to enjoy the scenery or a place we would pass through as we would head up to Akihabara or anywhere south. To get to Ueno from Nippori, we would usually cross the Yanaka Cemetery. I love cycling through the park and I find it calming each time we are over there.

There is a Starbucks located in the middle of the park and we would usually park our bicycles at the side and most of the time, we are over there for me to finish my school assignments, using the fast internet speed available while enjoying a cup of cookie frappuccino.

The Ueno zoo just near to the Starbucks and we always pass it with the thought of wanting to visit it during our trip but at the end of it all, we did not visit the zoo. The main attraction of the zoo are the pandas and around Ueno, you can pretty much find panda related stuff everywhere!
The entrance for the zoo is 600yen and i thought that it was pretty much a bargain compared to the 20++ SGD you would be paying back to visit the Singapore Zoo. The quality could be different (hence the different pricing) but hey, since I’ve never been to the Ueno Zoo, I can’t really comment on that.

During the cherry blossom season, this place would be full of people enjoying the pink cherry blossoms and J told me that we would not be able to cycle through the park as we usually do. I like this spot particularly in the park. Its in the middle of the park!

DSC_5491 DSC_5501
It is pretty fun cycling through the park and I love the calm scenery over at Ueno park. There are many places to visit around the area like museums and such but somehow, we only visited some parts of the area even though we had ample time to explore the other places.

There are a few temples and shrines in the park but we visited those which caught our attention. The Toshogu Shrine is located beside the Ueno Zoo. We saw the entrance while exploring the park by bicycle and

The entrance to the shrine is rather hidden and I liked how the stone walkway gave a rather rustic feeling to the place. J was taking photos with the Pentax that Takuto lent us.


DSC_0316J taking photos with the Pentax at the entrance of Toshogu Shrine.

DSC_0312 DSC_0323 DSC_0324Stone lanterns.

The stones really do give that rustic feeling somewhat.

DSC_0327 DSC_0331 DSC_0332
Walking further in, you can see the place where people hang their wishing plaques. I find the design of the plaques kinda cute.

DSC_0326 DSC_0338
The Toshogu Shrine

As the zoo is nearby, you can see the animal totem as you walk to the main walkway.

The Gojoten Shrine entrance always fascinated me as we would pass it each time and I was always attracted by the red torii gates. We went to visit the place on one of the days in June and I have to say that I really did like it.

DSC_0355 DSC_0351 DSC_0358 DSC_0361 DSC_0364 DSC_0373 20140610_171750
There are a few steps to take to visit the Gojoten Shrine but I really did walking through the torii gates.

DSC_0377 DSC_0378
The purification trough where you cleanse yourself.

DSC_0380 DSC_0386 DSC_0388
The Shimenawa.

The shrine closes in the evening and the all the entrances to the shrine would be gated.

The other highlight of Ueno is the Shinobazu pond. I love cycling around this area and I love this part near the pond specifically because you can walk on the floating walkway and in a way, it makes you feel like you are surrounded by the lotus plants.

DSC_0209 DSC_0210 DSC_0211
The lotus plants from the middle of the floating walkway in June

We were taking a lot of photos with Takuto’s Pentax. The camera is rather huge and bulky but I have to say that there is a quality difference when using the 120 film compared to the 35 mm films. I saw that  first hand when we were processing our own photos at Takuto’s house at Takatsuki.

In May, when we first arrived in Tokyo, the lotus plants were not that tall and there were not that much lotus flowers blooming.

I was a little shocked when we went to the pond again and I see the lotus plants being at the height of the rail around the end of July!

The lotus flower bud.

There are many things to do in the park, from visiting museums, to visiting the zoo, to visit the shrines and temples there is and also the Shinobazu pond. We didn’t really visit the museums there even though we were a little interested in the National Science Museum.

The business area of Ueno.

J taking some shadow shots at the traffic light crossing at Ueno.

Claw machine games with fake sushi keychains.

DSC_5527Exploring the place with Waddles in the bag!

I have to say that Ueno was one of the places that we frequented during our stay in Tokyo. The sushi places we liked, sushi zan mai, sushi zamurai, heiroku sushi was there, plus there was wired cafe where we had awesome french toast and free wifi! If we did want to get some films without having to cycle down south to Akihabara, we would head to the Yodobashi located there and stock up on our films (both 120 and 35 mm). I like our apartment proximity to Ueno where you can pretty much get everything you need and enjoy the nice scenery there is at Ueno park!


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