Cycling around the Imperial Palace

J dragged me out on one of the days in June 2014 and we took time to cycle a little bit further down south to Chiyoda. We were discussing about the places that I have never been to in Tokyo and J recommended that we cycle to Chiyoda to see the Imperial Palace as he has been there before and he thought that I would have liked it.

The route we took was similar to the route we would take to Akihabara but cycling over to Chiyoda was indeed a sight for me.

As we were cycling nearer to Chiyoda, I felt that there were more tall buildings and I have to say that I felt a little overwhelmed.

On that day though, the sky was rather blue and the sun was not that harsh so, it was a rather nice day out.


The area looked very business district-ish and rather new.


As we passed the tall buildings, and near to the Imperial palace, I couldn’t help admiring how the palace looks like.

The imperial palace on the moat.

We cycled near to the bridge. We probably shouldn’t have cycled in and parked our bicycles at the side (the stones were really hard to cycle on) but it was not that bad after all. There are guided tours around the palace grounds but you would need to make reservations way before.


I liked how on one side you can see the palace grounds with the stones and greenery and on the other, you see the modern Tokyo skyline with tall buildings.

Cycling inside the outer palace area.

DSC_0680 DSC_0679 20140613_172748

I particularly liked how the trees are spaced out in the garden area.DSC_0687

To the left, the Imperial Palace grounds


To the right, the modern buildings.

DSC_0701 DSC_0698 DSC_0694 DSC_0688

We loved the garden area and it was pretty fun trying to take photos of the shadows.

DSC_0710Cycling back home to Nippori.

It was a rather tiring ride down south but I have to say that taking the afternoon off to visit the Imperial Palace was really nice. I kinda wished we could have gone for the guided tour but hey, maybe next time I guess.


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