Time in Takatsuki

We were pretty much excited for our Takatsuki trip! Takatsuki is located in between Kyoto and Osaka and we were excited to be able to explore the Kansai region! It was really nice of our friend Takuto to invite us back to his hometown and host us in his Takatsuki apartment for those 12 days. We took the Willer Express bus from Tokyo to get to Kyoto and from there, we took the train at Kyoto station to Takatsuki station.

We reached Kyoto at about 7am and with our big bag, we took the train to Takatsuki Station. It takes about 20 minutes to get to Takatsuki. I liked how the track looks as we were taking the local train.

20140619_081753 20140619_081756
We arrived on a rather beautiful day and I don’t know what it is but, I felt that the air was rather fresh in Takatsuki and I really liked it.

First stop is to head to Takuto’s parents house. His parents place was not that far from the station. We were heading to his parents place to have breakfast and also to have a shower since we did have an overnight bus ride.

We met Takuto’s sister on the way up to his parents place. We were greeted by his mother and she was one of the sweetest lady I have ever met. She made us all breakfast and it was really delicious. It was a chicken sandwich and there was a salad at the side and I wished I had taken down her recipe for the dressing because the dressing was just amazing. She made the dressing herself! We rested at her place for a while and got to take a shower too. J told me that it was advisable that we took a shower over here instead as there is no hot water available at Takuto’s place.

His mother has a cat and he was so fluffy. It was funny though seeing the cat interested in Waddles.

I found the car park rather interesting in a way that it is those elevator kind of parking space. It was something foreign for me and I was pretty much excited when Takuto told me that I would be able to see how the cars at the bottom part is taken out as his family car is located at the bottom of the parking space!

His apartment is located at another part of town and he drove us over to his place with his family car. We stayed at his place for the 12 days while we were at Takatsuki and to us, it was a really nice experience even though there was no water heater at the apartment. I was used to taking cold showers anyway when I was staying at my aunts place in Melaka so it was not a big deal for me. Thank goodness though that it was summer and the weather was not that cold!

Takuto at his balcony.

The view in front of his balcony. Also how the apartment complex looks like.

The corridor of the apartment. J walking over to the lift area.

The view from the corridor.

During our time at Takatsuki, I have to say that it was one of the artistic moments in my life. Takuto has his own dark room where he would print his photos and I got to learn more about printing both black and white photos and also colour photos. I felt rather creative while I was there.

DSC_1040 DSC_1039 DSC_1038Our computer working area/dining area. I spent a lot of time here and in the bed room doing my assigments.

In the bedroom, I was a little fascinated on his photo wall and the photos that Takuto has taken. I liked the photo he took of a girl and thanks to google, I found her instagram. I think ever since I’ve seen that photo, I was trying to process photos with that orange tinge.

Me doing my school assignments on the futon.

Waddle accompanying me to do my assignments.

Most importantly, what I liked about in the apartment was the sliding door! I may have played a little too much with it 😂

Takuto’s kitchen area.

The room next to the kitchen is where the dark room is and it is probably one of the rooms that either J or Takuto would spend most of their time in. It was a place where I could see their creativity bloom. I was pretty much inspired by both of their works. We had a photo project where we took a kind of timelapse of the dining table. It was a really fun project to do and whenever someone walks in or out of the kitchen or dark room, they would click the shutter.

We were trying to play with the multiple exposure function that the D7000 has.

There is a supermarket just near to the apartment and we were able to cook some sumptuous meals during our trip there.

Food wise, during our first evening at Takatsuki, Takuto’s mum wrapped us some food.

It was inarizushi which is basically rice stuffed tofu. I love inarizushi she made and I may have eaten more than I should.

Takuto’s aglio olio.

Salad, bread and mashed potatoes with potato chips.

Fish, salad, with tomato and cheese.

Simple meal of soba with aubergine and tossed chicken as a side.

J’s carbonara pasta with prawns.

Takuto driving us around Takatsuki

At Takatsuki Station

DSC_2679 DSC_2676
Around Takuto’s apartment.

The playground in front of the apartment

As a kid, I loved climbing on playgrounds like this and I wanted to take some shots at the playground.

It was probably a little dangerous to be climbing around with my slippers.

DSC_3275 DSC_3283
It started raining and I had to quickly come down from the top of the bars whilst J ran to the shelter with our camera in hand.

We also had an opportunity to meet a friend of Takuto, Ako who was staying in Takatsuki. Takuto has a little project where every year when he visits his hometown, he would take a photo of Ako and her daughter Chitosei. Ako invited us all to her place and we were able to meet her and also her two adorable kids. We were able to take some photos and enjoy Ako’s neighbourhood and also to eat the awesome food she has prepared.

Taking photos of Ako’s neighbour.

Outside of Ako’s place.

Ako and baby Kaneda.

Playing at the playground near to Ako’s place.


DSC_1134 DSC_1141
Of course I had to take the opportunity of playing a little on the swings!

DSC_1161 DSC_1166
J on the bars.

Ako prepared a lot of food for us and I have to say that it was really delicious. The marinated mushroom was really good!

She even prepared a california roll for us which we gobbled down pretty quickly.

DSC_1210 DSC_1212
There was also chicken karaage which i though tasted pretty good too!

There was even takoyaki!

It was nice being able to see Ako make the takoyaki and she even let me try to roll some.

Ako working on the takoyaki

Me attempting to cook the takoyaki with the help of Takuto.

Playing with the adorable baby Kaneda.

Group photo with our hostess, Ako! It was amazing on how she was able to cook all those things for us whilst carrying baby Kaneda behind her. I have to say that baby Kaneda is not that light so of course I was amazed!

Takuto, his parents and Ako’s hospitality was really heartwarming and I can’t help but feel thankful for all the good food and hospitality they gave us during our stay at Takatsuki. I also loved the fact that I was able to learn more about film photography and also on how to process my own photo from film! It was also great because both J and Takuto were rubbing their artistic inspiration on me and I feel that I learnt more about photography during our stay at that apartment.


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