2017 Week 11 [Traveler’s Notebook]


Week 11 :

More the little mermaid theme or in french, la petite sirene. Completed J’s scarf with some new colours. Was trying out a new crochet stitch, the basket weave stitch. Was looking at these 2 tutorials from newstitchaday and bhookedcrochet for the videos on how to do the stitch but I think I prefer using this tutorial instead from crochetgeek as the pattern is available! I have to say that compared to knitting, crocheting his scarf was way faster!

For the mermaid blanket that I finished last week, I used the tutorial from yarnutopia. I followed the video which I thought was really pretty well done! I really like the shell stitch. I didn’t really like the tail though on her tutorial and I found another mermaid blanket tutorial (in Korean) and I followed the step for the tail and I attached it as normal.

Maybe been a little too obsessed with crocheting I have to say. Its rather addictive, learning new stitches and whatnots 😆

It was also our anniversary week!



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